60 Second Style

60 Second Style

Marni top

$3.97 – blanco.com

River Island jeans
$66 – riverisland.com


60 Second Style

60 Second Style

Topshop acrylic sweater
$56 – topshop.com

Liberty leather crossbody
$350 – liberty.co.uk

Lanvin bunny hat

Get Adorkable with Topshop

Get Adorkable with Topshop

Fall Hat

Fall Hat

Shirts top

Matthew Williamson high waisted trousers
$590 – matthewwilliamson.com

Fendi purse

Sun hat

Lord Berry wash bag
$110 – selfridges.com

Farfetched App


I am definitely a frustrated singer. 

Growing up, I was the best example of tone deaf. I was so bad! No one applauded me for my superb (or so I thought) singing skills: they did on my dancing though. That disapproval annoyed me to the highest possible level of annoyance. I told myself that I would learn how to sing no matter what. It was pure determination that I had every time I would hit those ballads in our karaoke. I’m proud to say that I can sing now, quite good as some people would say; nonetheless, I never became the singer I originally wanted to be.

Music is on of the greatest facets of my life. I like to surround myself in that bubble where I can be anywhere and anyone I want to be. Music is my form of release. I always make sure to keep my iPod with me at all times. Recently however, I felt like bringing my iPod is too much of a hassle. Why? Picture this: I have an iPhone, a Kindle, and an iPod with me everywhere I go. Isn’t that just the perfect bait for a thief? Let go of the iPod; that’s what my gut told me. The problem was, at that time, how could I listen to music if I didn’t have that measly device. You might say that, “Dimwit, you have your iPhone. Store your music there!” I do understand that very valid point but if I do that my phone would not be able to handle all of my stored music (roughly around 12gb): my phone only has 16gb. Basically, I was at a crossroad. But then a glorious app came along.


Spotify! It’s bloody brilliant. The reasons why, I suppose you ought to know:

  1. Thousands of available music in one app
  2. Technically free (unless you want to go premium)
  3. No other device for music needed but your phone (smartphone, of course)
  4. Great interface
  5. Music library updated everyday
  6. You can browse music depending on your mood or activities
  7. No need for you to be online while playing music
  8. Playlists can be created and shared to the rest of the Spotify community
  9. You can share the music you’re listening to via social media accounts
  10. There is an app available for MacBook



 So it’s totally obvious that I adore this app, right? However, to some companies it might be an impending threat. iTunes would be at the point of disadvantage. People who have Spotify would not need to purchase and download albums from iTunes. However, who’s to say that Apple won’t have the idea of buying out this app in the near future. At the end of the day, it’s all a matter of lessening the competition for these big shots. 

To sum it all up, my daily music fix is sated by this app and with that I am happy. The best part about this is being able to sell my iPod and earning some ka-ching. 

#NowPlaying Money On My Mind by Sam Smith